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Ever wonder what you could do with all the saved energy from recycling cans?

If you recycle
920 cans
You'll have saved enough energy to:
Fly from NYC to mexico for Spring Break

350 cans
Take an impromptu road trip from Sand Diego to LA

100 cans
Keep your bedroom light on for 2 weeks (see a scary movie lately?)

50 cans
Drive 20 minutes to the mall

6 cans
Watch all 8 of the Harry Potter movies

3 cans
Play a 4 hour game of Call of Duty on Xbox

1 can
Listen to a full album on your iPod

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Show off your drive. Report back here.

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What is 50 Cans?

50 Cans is the largest aluminum can drive run by young people. You’ll be making a huge difference by collecting and recycling aluminum, and at the same time, you can become a drive guru by using our Pocket Guide, which teaches you the ropes all through text messages.

Why should I recycle aluminum cans?

The aluminum can is one of the most valuable recyclable consumer products and the only packaging solution that allows for complete recyclability. Recycled aluminum cans can be back on the store shelf in as little as 60 days and require 95% less energy, generate 95% less emission and create 97% less water pollution than producing the new metal from ore. An aluminum can is incredibly valuable; the industry estimates that, in the United States, nearly 50 billion aluminum cans are thrown away annually; that's $800 million annually being buried in American landfills.

What's the difference between the recycling process of aluminum cans versus paper or plastic bottles?

Aluminum is one of the most reusable sources available and can be used over and over and over again indefinitely. Two very commonly recycled materials, paper (because of the fibers) and plastic (because of its molecular structure), are limited in the number of times they can be recycled, and the quality eventually degrades to a non-reusable state.

Besides my soda can, where can I find aluminum?

  • In Your gadgets - Aluminum makes cell phones, TVs, laptops and tablets sleek and light.
  • In Your Ride - Aluminum is the dominant material used to make car engines and wheels and is starting to be used to make hoods, trunks & doors.
  • On the Road - Aluminum wheels dramatically cut carbon footprint of vehicles.
  • In the Air - Planes can't fly without it. In fact aluminum was used by the Wright Brothers in the first flight ever.
  • At the Olympics - The famous gold colored torch is made up of an inner and outer aluminum alloy skin.
  • On Mars - NASA's Curiosity Rover that landed on Mars is a car-sized, six-wheeled robot made mostly of aluminum.

What is Alcoa?

Alcoa is the world's leading integrated aluminum company, providing jobs to 61,000 employees across 31 countries. Since inventing the modern-day aluminum industry more than 120 years ago, Alcoa innovation has been behind major milestones in the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation, consumer electronics and industrial markets.

What is Alcoa Foundation?

Alcoa Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., with assets of approximately US$446 million. Founded more than 50 years ago, Alcoa Foundation has invested more than US$550 million since 1952. In 2011, Alcoa Foundation contributed more than US$20 million to nonprofit organizations throughout the world, building innovative partnerships, engaging its people to improve the environment and educating tomorrow's leaders. The work of Alcoa Foundation is further enhanced by Alcoa's thousands of employee volunteers who share their energy, passion and purpose to make a difference in the communities where Alcoa operates. Through the company's signature Month of Service program, in 2011, a record 56 percent of Alcoa employees took part in more than 1,200 events across 24 countries, reaching 81,000 children, serving 9,000 meals, planting 34,000 trees and supporting 1,800 nonprofit organizations. More information can be found at www.alcoafoundation.com

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