Youth Advisory Council

We're putting you in charge.

Who Are the YACers?’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of diverse young people from across the country who tell us what to do. They're the boss of us.

What the heck do they do? YACers correspond weekly with campaign leads, helping figure out what we should green-light. They tell us when our language and references are lame. And, they remind us that it's not about us; it's about them. Always.

YAC Requirements

Applicants should be prepared to contribute an average of 2 hours each week. Specific requirements:

  • Commit to be an active rep in your community. That means TALK US UP!
  • Connect with and support fellow YAC members through our private Facebook group.
  • Complete preset required weekly initiatives (you can view a basic schedule here).
  • Correspond weekly with assigned campaign lead (view campaign leads here).
  • Participate in 1 pre-scheduled kickoff and training session google hangouts
  • Contribute 2 fully developed campaign ideas.
  • Run one campaign and send in a wrap report.

When: Spring 2014 YAC applications are currently closed and Autumn 2014 YAC applications will open in the summer.

Who: Applicants must be high school or college students age 14-22 and are members of

Spring 2014 applications are now closed!