11 Dirty Things to Do This Earth Day


Happy Earth Day! In honor of Mama Earth, ditch the idea of simply wearing green or decorating a cake that looks like a globe. The real change is gonna require you to get messy. Try these activities that will dirty your hands (and maybe more).

  1. Tear up your schoolyard and plant a garden. Growing vegetables and fruit locally will reduce the fuel used to ship produce from foreign countries.
  2. Take a walk on a nature trail and bring a younger sibling with you (or go with your BFF and their bro or sis if you're an only child). According to a study from the International Journal of Behavorial Nutrition and Physical Activity, one-third of children spend less than an hour being active outdoors.
  3. Get your hands in the dirt and plant a tree. Trees soak up the carbon dioxide that we humans love to emit.
  4. Get rid of weeds the old-fashioned way  with your hands. Weed-killing sprays release harmful chemicals into the ecosystem. 
  5. Find a marker or pen and draw the recycling symbol plus a stat about the environment on your body. This "temporary tattoo" is sure to draw awareness around Earth Day.
  6. Host a scavenger hunt and clean up litter in a public space. Teams can compete to find the most litter, giving different point values to plastic, metal, and other items.
  7. Clean out the dusty attic and donate the items. Instead of throwing unwanted possessions away, donate your books, clothes, and electronics to help those in need.
  8. Invite friends to walk to school and take a route off of the sidewalk (if you're able). Travel through the woods, field or some other unpaved place.
  9. Grab a hammer and build a bird house. Help preserve the bird population in your own backyard by hanging it on a nearby tree branch.
  10. Cut your shower time in half and encourage water conservation. If you're feeling really adventurous skip the shower all together. Just make sure to remember the deodorant.
  11. Carpool. You get extra time with your friends and you're helping the environment.

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