How To: Run a Collection Drive

  1. Get permission from your school's principal.
  2. Have teachers promise to do something crazy if you reach a certain goal. Think: wear a ridiculous t-shirt to work or shave their heads. 
  3. Recruit anyone and everyone to help you out. Pull the guilt trip and/or friendship card if you have to. (Hey, it’s for a good cause!)
  4. Market your drive. Make posters and fliers ahead of time giving people the details.
  5.  Use some creativity to decorate the boxes/barrels. You can even put it on t-shirts, pants, whatever. 
  6. Make an announcement over the PA system. Or use your big mouth during lunch or in between periods and shout out the cause.
  7. Offer to pick up the donations at houses or set up a collection bin in the front of your school or lunchroom. As a matter of fact, DO BOTH.
  8. Set a donation goal and give daily updates on how close you are to achieving it. 
  9. Officially end the drive by posting the number of donations you collected in the main lobby or lunchroom. And give special thanks to everyone who chipped in.
  10. Send your donations to a charity in your area. Make sure you get the okay beforehand.
  11. Can’t think of any ways off the chain to raise donations for your cause? Check out our list of 11 Ideas for a Collection Drive.

We want to hear what you did. Post your project here. GO