Action Guide: Visit a Senior Home


‘Tis the season to be...lonely?

That’s the reality for lots of seniors. Nearly 13% of those 85 and older live in assisted care facilities. Many of them are isolated from family and friends who live far away. Others lack the mobility and independence to socialize.

In other words, they could use a friend. They may be seniors, but volunteering for the holidays isn’t old news. Here’s an action guide on visiting a care facility. Read on or download the full guide here:

1. Find a center near you. Google, anyone?

2. Call the office to schedule your visit. Find out the regular visiting and activity hours. See if there is a volunteer age  requirement. Ask if residents have computer access (you’ll need this for step 3). We also recommend going during a game of balloon volleyball. Many senior centers offer it. It’s A. Maze. Balls.

3. Help a senior join Grandparents Gone Wired: OK, so they aren’t actually your grandparents. But all seniors can benefit from basic technology, like surfing the Internet or using Facebook and Skype. That way, they can stay connected to their family and friends. Visit our campaign page to get started.

4. Take plenty of pictures! We’d love to feature your Grandparents Gone Wired session on our website. Contact for more information. (Balloon volleyball photos also accepted.)

Connect with your own special seniors. Join Grandparents Gone Wired. GO