Action Tips: Avoid Trash On-the-Go

avoid trash

Got a lot of litter on the streets of your community? You and your neighbors should make the simple effort to properly clean up their trash. Make sure no one has any excuse to just to drop litter on the ground!

Are trash cans around?

Does your city even have a place to dispose of litter in parks, outdoor malls, and other areas? If they do, do they have enough? If not, write them a letter or call them and request more trash cans.

Use art to draw attention

Ask the city or the private space owner if you can paint trash cans. A bright design will make them more noticeable and also pleasant to look at. You can include positive messages about litter and recycling on the cans, too. Make sure to use environmentally friendly paint, of course.

Invite other artists

This is a great way to really make this a community effort to promote art and green living. Invite professionals and amateurs to participate, or lead arts education sessions for young people where participants paint trash cans.

Think small

You can also launch a smaller campaign, one that fits in a backpack or a purse. Design and share small bags for people to put trash in on the go, especially in their cars. You can even turn an old reusable airtight food container as an on the go trash receptacle that won't let odors into your bag.