Action Tips: Collect Testimonies About Why Parenthood Can Wait

Teens jumping

Sometimes when it comes to making an impact, you need some help to get your voice heard. Get friends and classmates involved and spread awareness about why becoming a mom or dad can wait. 

Ask a Big Question

Come up with a personal question, something better than "Is teen pregnancy bad?" Try:

  • What are the reasons you don't want to be a parent yet?
  • Do you have a dream that you can't accomplish as a teen parent?


Use Media to Get Answers

Attaching a picture and sound to your message makes it stronger. Have people pose holding a sign with their answer written on it. Make a video of testimonials. Make a podcast of people's stories. Be bold and creative.


Boys Allowed

Teen parenthood is an issue that affects every young person, regardless of gender. Encourage teen guys to express how they feel about the topic.


Share What You've Created

Make your work public. If you've used photography, make a collage and post it in your school or community center. Put your video on a blog or Facebook. Share it on Twitter. 


Make the Finished Product Interactive

Maybe there's someone with something to say who you weren't able to include in your initial project. Give them a way to express themselves. Encourage them to post a video response, express themselves on a Post-It, or submit a letter. Make sure you urge people to express their opinions respectfully.

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