Action Tips: Display Your School Cafeteria's Nutrition Info

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Distribute the nutritional information of food served in the school cafeteria and encourage your classmates to make healthier choices. Try one of these approaches to get the word out.

Petition for Displayed Facts

  • Start a petition to have nutrition facts displayed above the food served.
  • Ask to schedule a meeting with the principal or appropriate staff member and present the petition and your plan of action.
  • If the lunchroom is unable to create the labels or signs themselves, tell the administration that you and your friends will.

Work with the Lunchroom

  • If a corporation supplies the cafeteria food, visit their website and send them an email requesting nutrition fact information.
  • If the food is created exclusively by your cafeteria, consult with the manager of the lunchroom to create a brochure of nutrition facts to include every week.

Search Online

  • If a corporation supplies your school cafeteria with food, research nutritional information of the company's main dishes online.
  • Create a brochure listing the nutrition facts for the food served that week and hand out to fellow students.
  • With the school administration's permission, post the facts on a wall in the lunchroom (preferably at the entrance before people choose their food).

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