Action Tips: Go Orange For No Kid Hungry


More than 1 in 5 children don’t know where their next meal is coming from. And according to a recent report from our friends at Share Our Strength, three in four teachers and principals reported regularly seeing hungry kids in their schools. Shocking, right? 

One elementary school teacher shared that some of her students would come to her class not having eaten anything since lunch the day before. Currently the National School Lunch Program, which offers free and reduced-price meals to low-income students, serves 21 million teens. However, the School Breakfast Program sees only half of that number. 

An initiative called "breakfast in the classroom," is just one of the innovative options schools are implementing in an effort to close this gap. This improved model incorporates breakfast into the classroom, instead of having it served before school in the cafeteria – clearly separating the students who are in need from those who are not. For the schools that have implemented "breakfast in the classroom ," and other similar breakfast options, students are effectively connected to healthy meals, have shown improved academic achievement, and broken social barriers. 

Want to help end childhood hunger in America? No Kid Hungry, a campaign from Share Our Strength, looks to not only connect young people in need with healthy food options, but also to teach their families how to cook affordable, healthy meals at home. Part of the campaign involves raising awareness about this issue, which is why this September they’re asking everyone to go orange!

Do this at your school – here’s how:

  1. Pick a specific day that you want everyone at school to show up in orange.
  2. Talk to your principal about implementing the "breakfast in the classroom" program. You could kick it off on the day everyone at school goes orange.
  3. After you get permission and the day is a go, put up posters about the issue of hunger and why you’re goin’ orange.
  4. On your Go Orange day, print out and share fliers with these facts so that students are better informed 

Get the facts about hunger. GO