Action Tips: Green Your Art Room

art room

There are tons of material in an art room, which could make it a challenge to create an eco-friendly program. But no worries, because we've got some great tips on how.


If there's a separate place for whole paper, paper scraps, and paper recycling, then paper is much less likely to end up in the garbage or go to waste.

Chemical Check

Research the chemicals in paints and make sure your area has the proper facilities to dispose of them.You can also ask employees at your local art store to point you in the direction of environmentally friendly products.

Avoid Aerosols

This one is easy: don't buy aerosol spray paint or spray glue. It's really bad for the air.

Waste Not, Want Not 

There are a million creative ways to turn old and half-used art supplies into fresh art projects or materials. Click here for tips on how. 

Proper Clean Up

Art rooms get super dirty. When you wash paint brushes, fill a bucket to rinse them out in instead of just letting the water run. When you wipe up dirty tables, make sure you're using eco-safe cleaning products.

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