Action Tips: Green your Tailgate


As fun as tailgating is before your football team’s home game, it’s not always the most environmentally conscience activity. Here’s how to green up your pre-game partying while still having an awesome time.

Carpool to the game.

Huddling everyone into one van saves on car emissions (which means cleaner air). Plus you also won’t lose a bunch of your fellow tailgaters in pre-game traffic.

Make fires with all-natural, chemical-free charcoal.

Barbeque with all natural brands. They're made from environmentally friendly wood sources and plant wastes, and they’re long-lasting. You can use less charcoal for more grilling.

Bring your snacks in fabric bags.

Paint your team's name and colors on resuable bags. You’ll be supporting the team while saving a couple of trees.

Bring reusable water bottles.

Why use a plastic water bottle when you can paint that sigg and show some team spirit?

Green up your grub.

Consider getting locally-farmed meats and buns from neighborhood bakeries.

Strengthen your plates and cups.

Buy biodegradable cups, plates, flatware, and food containers that are made from corn, sugarcane and bamboo.

Clean up after yourself.

Not to sound like a Kindergarten teacher, but make sure to clean up trash. As for recyclables, throw a bag of them into your car and toss them in the proper bin when you get home.