Action Tips: Have a Green Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunts are beyond much fun, and a great outdoor team-building summer activity. Host a scavenger hunt with a green theme. Take some of our suggestions, and think of your own things to find.

Things to collect:

  • Five pieces of garbage from a public place, and five pieces from within a block of where you live
  • Three pamphlets available where you live about something environmentally friendly
  • A freshly picked flower
  • One edible thing that grows in your neighborhood

Things to find:

  • Identify five plant species and three animal species in a local park
  • One piece of food that comes from less than 100 miles away
  • One piece of food that comes from over 1000 miles away
  • Four vegetarians

Things to learn:

  • Where is the nearest place to rent a bike?
  • Where is the nearest landfill? How big is it?
  • What days are recycling collected?
  • Which stores sell local meat and produce?

Things to snap a digital picture of:

  • The tallest tree you can find
  • A flower of every color of the rainbow (good luck with blue!)
  • Three different sports games going on
  • Four people using different modes of transportation that don't use oil