Action Tips: Hold a Financial Literacy Workshop


Do your classmates know what a mortgage is? What about a student loan? Almost everyone will make these transactions in their life, yet most schools don't teach everyone financial details. Take matters into your own hands and help your school host a financial literacy workshop.


Get Permission

Make sure your principal is cool with you organizing this workshop. And ask a favorite teacher to moderate it.


Learn Your Audience

Find out what students know and what they wish they did. Is it tax time or college admission season? Identify some major, timely questions and concerns and plan to have them addressed.


Find an Expert

Invite an expert speaker to run the workshop. You could try a:

  • banker
  • accountant
  • college admissions counselor
  • financial advisor
  • nonprofits that focus on financial education:


Topics to Cover

  • Budget Skills
  • Money Management
  • Responsible Use of Credit
  • Loans
  • Investing


Gather Your Audience

Advertise your time and place with flyers and websites. Include:

  • Who is leading and speaking at the workshop
  • What topics will be covered
  • Where and when it takes place
  • What people should bring
  • An eye-catching picture


Be Prepared

On the big day, you should:

  • Bring extra pens and papers. A few people will forget to bring their own.
  • Supply handouts for people to take home with them


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