Action Tips: Host an Artist

artist painting

Visual arts extend way beyond drawing and painting. Help your classmates discover what kind of artistic expression suits them best by bringing in experts to teach various classes and workshops. When you help your friends experiment, we guarantee everyone will find something they like.


  • Is there a t-shirt design studio, a local jewelry maker, or a paper store in town? Make a list of local artisans, businesses and their contact info.
  • What about a local college or university? Check out their art department. Chat with students who might know a thing or two, as well as professors.
  • Look within the family. Maybe you have a cousin who printed incredible Christmas cards last year and who might have some time to help you out.


  • Graphic and digital design
  • Textiles (weaving, sewing, dying, etc.)
  • Jewelry making and other metal work, wire work, or bead work
  • Candle making
  • Print making (this one is particularly excellent for art class)


Approach your art teacher with the results of the research you've done. Explain that you want to invite some guest art experts.


Get in touch with your art contacts. Ask them to volunteer some time to teaching an activity with your class. Let them know what you're hoping your class gets out of the experience.

Get feedback

It's cool to know how your work is making a difference. Make up an anonymous survey you can give to your classmates after visits from guest teachers. Ask them how they liked trying something new. See if they tried something they would be willing to do again or on their own time. Try to ask questions that measure change or comparison ("Was tie-dye more fun for you than you thought?" as opposed to "Was tie-dye cool?").


Try leading these new forms of exercise after school or get it in the curriculum. We'll show you how to start and fund your new program.