Action Tips: Host a Charitable Basketball Game


Just like an NBA All-Star charity basketball game, get two teams to compete for charity.

The Tickets

  • People should be allowed entrance when they bring the item you are collecting, such as jeans that will help clothe homeless teens in America. Or supplies to make care packages for these young people. 

The Space

  • Check with your administration and see if the high school gym will host.
  • Does your place of worship have a gymnasium space? Would they be willing to hold the event?
  • If it's the right time of year, host the game at a public court like in the park.

Create buzz

  • Promote your game through us.
  • Flyer your school.
  • Remember the Facebook event and mass text.

Entertain your audience

  • Put a little twist on your average game and get some half-time performers. The act(s) of choice could be a locally-known band, your school’s dance team or cheerleading squad, or some students with unique talents.
  • People who don't play basketball should still have a way to participate and help out.

Make annoucements

  • You (or if you're shy, an entertaining Master of Ceremonies) should be making annoucements about the cause everyone is helping.
    • Welcome people, say hello at half time, and thank them at the end of the game.
    • Mention where the donations are going and how it will help.
    • Give numbers! How many people will the donations be helping? What is the goal that they need to help you reach?

Where it all goes

  • Make sure to set up just which food bank, shelter, or organization will be picking up or receiving these donations.

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