Action Tips: Host a Clothing Swap

clothing swap

We've all got that shirt or pair of pants that's been collecting dust in the back of our closet. Well good news: you don't really have to part with it. Host a clothing swap with your friends! And if you swap, you can also avoid buying more stuff that requires energy and resources to produce.

Start the party

Arrange somewhere for everyone to meet, preferably a home where there's room for people to try clothes on.

Get the goods

Have everyone organize and wash their clothing beforehand. When the goods arrive, place the items in piles based on size and condition of the clothing so you can have a corner for "never been worn t-shirts, "kids' sizes," or "used denim pants, size 10-16."


Let people browse each other's things and take what they can use.

Fix it up

Make sure to have a sewing kit on hand to fix up minor holes or other damage. 


If you have any unclaimed clothing after the swap that's wearable, donate it to a local homeless shelter or Salvation Army. You can also get creative with the leftovers and repurpose them. Torn shirts work as washable rags. Denim makes excellent insulation and can also be buried in your garden or lawn as mulch.

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