Action Tips: Host a Drug-Free Activity

Mountain Biking

There's pressure to drink or do drugs in high school and college. A lot of people may feel that's all there is to do in your town, suburb, or yawn-worthy neighborhood.

Prove people wrong and host drug-free activities that will give your participants a huge hit of adrenaline.

Try the extreme sports

These aren't Grandpa's favorte sports. Quicken your pulse with extreme activities like

  • Mountain Biking
  • Snowboarding
  • Rock-wall climbing
    • (even if it's that wall at the local sporting goods store)

Pick up the pace

Instead of playing top 40, have someone lead salsa or tango dance lessons that comes with a pounding beat.

Free the beasts

Host social activities with the scariest of pets—snakes, lizards, and other heart-pumping reptiles.

Bring a sport underwater

Take a typical game and put it at the bottom of the pool. Check out the example of underwater hockey below: