Action Tips: Create a Track Team for People with Disabilities

Track and Field Hand-off

Provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to be included in on a track team. Here are a few tips of how you could help form your inclusive activity:

  1. Get volunteers. You cannot have a track team without volunteers and coaches. Inform athletes at your school, and decide who will be on the team and who will act as coaches, game officials, etc.
  2. Recruit athletes with disabilities. Look online to find local organizations that can connect you with students of disabilities. Also, try talking with teachers in your school's special education department.
  3. Reserve time on the track. Track teams practice almost every day after school. Find out when your school’s track is available and reserve it. You could even hold practices at parks and soccer fields.
  4. Create teams. Mix your able-bodies athletes and your athletes with disabilities up. Each team should have people of both backgrounds.
  5. Hold meets. Now your athletes can help each other out. Your volunteer officials will monitor the meets as the teams compete every week.