Action Tips: Include People With Disabilities


Almost 600 million people worldwide have some kind of disability, but someone can still feel isolated in his or her everyday life. Here are some tips on how to be inclusive for people with disabilities in your life:

Include a Classmate with Disabilities

  • Ask someone to eat lunch at your table.
  • Invite him or her to join your prom group.
  • Encourage the person to try out for your sports team or extracurricular activity.

Change Your Behavior

  • Stop using the “R” word in conversation.
  • Be patient with people who have difficulty speaking or use technology to communicate.
  • Don’t stare. Ask.
    • It’s ok to be curious about how someone lives with his or her disability. Just ask politely and respectfully.
  • If you see someone being bullied for a disability, step up and intervene for him or her.

Get Involved

Guide created with consultation from I Am Norm.