Action Tips: Lead a Driving Distraction Clean Out

18 year old driving

A fatal traffic accident is the 10th most common type of death in the world. Improve ever driver's safety—lead a cleanout where your classmates or friends eliminate potential distractions from their cars.

Grab the Trashbags

Have everyone throw out old papers and snack foods that would keep their hands from the wheel.

Make Space in the Backseat

Electronics are the biggest distraction to drivers, so make a spaces in the backseats where drivers can safely store (and maybe even lock up):

  • cell phones
  • e-readers
  • tablets

Turn Up the GPS

Everyone choose a voice setting they can stand (Australian accent?) and set it to full volume. People shouldn't have to look down at the screen while driving.

Set the Playlist

Many accidents occur when a driver is changing the music. Make sure everyone compiles an extra-long playlist that won't temp to constantly change the song.

Break Out the Scrapers

Drivers should have clear windshields and sideviews in the winter. Make sure everyone has their scrapers and brushes in easy to find places.