Action Tips: Make Your School Mirror-Less

Girl looking in the mirror

Imagine how much time people would save if they didn't obsess about their appearance in front of the mirror every day. Not to mention how much better they would feel about themselves – it's true we're our own worst critics. 

Makeover your school for a day, a week, or even the entire year. Get rid of mirrors and encourage everyone to focus on positive body image and self esteem.

Have people join the cause.

By having students less focused on their appearance, you could promote a happier and healthier environment.

Get permission.

Do not walk around school with a mob stealing all of the mirrors. Get permission from the administration.

Take them down.

Go into every school bathroom and take down every mirror that exists. You might need to borrow some tools from shop class.

OR if you can't take them down, cover them up. Use:

  • curtains
  • papers
  • sheets

Leave them at home.

Almost every girl carries around a compact mirror in her bag. Make it a rule that during the allotted time of the mirror-less movement there should be no compact mirrors either.