Action Tips: Reduce and Prevent Pet Obesity

Pet Obesity

Over half of America's pets are overweight. (Yikes.) Take action against pet obesity—follow these tips to keep the animals you know and love healthy.

Watch what you feed them

  • Be sure to feed a pet the label's recommended amount at mealtime.
  • Don't feed your pet too many treats—they contain calories too.
  • If your dogs whine or beg between meals, give them attention, not food. Pet them for a while or take them outside.

Exercise them

  • Taking an inside cat out for a walk isn't the best idea, but all dogs need exercise daily. The amount yours needs depends on its breed.

Take them to the vet

  • Take your pet to the vet at least once a year. The vet might recommend more visits based on the pet's health.

Consulted by: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Toi P. Pedrick, in association with Hill's Science Diet

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