Action Tips: Reduce Asthma Triggers Indoors


Springtime brings sunshine, flowers, and asthma triggers. Womp. You can do something about this! Get your friends, club, or entire student body together to help eliminate common asthma triggers.

  • Clean with a natural product. Dust mites can trigger asthma, yet some cleaning chemicals can increase asthma attack risk too. Use lemon juice or an unscented cleaner to reduce both of these triggers. Also, don't forget to vacuuum the carpet because dust mites hide in there.
  • Make popular areas smoke free. Tobacco smoke can set off asthma, so make sure public spaces (i.e. school parking lot, outdoor common area, etc.) and entrances to buildings are designated smoke free.
  • Brush off the pet hair. You might love animals, but don't carry them around with you. Use a lint brush or some masking tape to remove the pet dander and hair that can find their way on to your clothes.
  • Clean up your food. On top of grossing you out, cockroaches trigger asthma. It's best to keep food out of non-dining areas, and clean up after meals in kitchens, cafeterias, etc.