Action Tips: Save Energy With Your Computer


There’s been a growing movement towards all things green – from light bulbs and electronics to cars and homes. Woot! Eco-supporters for life. And in the spirit of energy saving, here are some tips on how to keep your computer from being an energy suck.

  1. Don’t use a screen saver. Sure, the fish chasing each other across your screen are cute, maybe even funny, but one thing it’s not is energy-saving. Put your monitor in sleep mode instead.
  2. Customize your power settings. Set your computer to automatically go into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity.
  3. Shut it down at night. Duh. And don’t forget to unplug. (Electronics that are plugged in still use energy, even though it might be turned off.)
  4. Turn off peripherals…aka your printer, external speakers, backup drives, etc.
  5. Go for the laptop. This is definitely the more energy efficient option if you’re shopping around for a new computer. National Geographic found that laptops use 50 PERCENT less energy than desktop computers. (What the what?)

Now that you’re on your way to saving energy with your computer, why not green your home too? Here’s how. GO