Action Tips: Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

man with soup

Helping out at a soup kitchen has a few obstacles, but don’t let the rules get in the way of fighting hunger and homelessness.

  • Scope out a kitchen. Peruse through your neighborhood or an online database to locate a soup kitchen near you.
  • Call or email them. Explain that you want to volunteer in the near future. You might need to sign a permission slip. Otherwise, they’ll ask you to come in during a specific shift to help out.
  • Dress appropriately. A coordinator will hook you up with some gloves and aprons (depending on the job you get). Otherwise, don’t walk in with your best outfit. Dress comfy and prepare to get dirty.
  • Assist where needed. Most likely someone will assign you to a job. Some jobs that volunteers typically do are:
    • Serve on the food line
    • Greet guests
    • Make toiletry packs
    • Sort clothes according to size, season and purpose
    • Set up and clear tables
  • Get your friends involved. Post fliers around school or create a Facebook invite. The more the merrier right?

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