Action Tips: Wrap Presents for Children With Disabilities

wrap presents

Everyone deserves presents over the holidays, regardless of his or her situation. Lend a helping hand this season and wrap presents for a good cause. Hey, if Kanye West can do it, so can you!

  • Find your organization. Get in touch with a group that works with families with disabilities and ask if they’d like some contributions (although the answer will most likely be yes, especially during this time of year).
  • Recruit your elves. See who would be willing to wrap a few presents for charity for a day or even a few hours. Your Do Something Club could host the event, or gather up enough of your classmates and make it a school wide volunteering event.
  • Scout out a venue. Make sure that your wrapping location has heavy traffic so you can get as many customers as possible. Your favorite mall or bookstore would be great places to work.
  • Deck out their gifts. In order to have a radiant-looking present, you’re going to need good supplies to do it with. Use seed paper wrap, banana fiber paper, old maps or newspapers to wrap up the gifts and eco-friendly yarn to tie it up. Make your presents look great while reducing your carbon footprint!
  • Determine your fee. Wrapping presents comes with a price. In exchange for getting his or her gifts wrapped, each customer could donate a new toy or book.
  • Wrap it up. If you don’t already know how to wrap a present, school yourself before testing out your skills on strangers’ gifts. Once you get that locked and loaded, wrap away!