Action Tips: Write Letters to our Troops


Whether or not you support their mission, we all support the men and women in our armed forces. Show a soldier some love by writing them a letter – it's super easy, here's how:

Get writing

Feel free to include a few details about your background, if you're comfortable doing so. Try to stay away from politics and keep it simple, the more positive the better. To get an idea of what to say, check out these sample letters.

Personalize it!

Add a personal touch by making your own card or including photos of your town, school, or family. Feel free to include your name and contact info if you're comfortable – often times a letter exchange with the soldier will go both ways! A few guidelines before you go overboard though:

  • No food or candy can be attached to the card
  • No glitter or bulky items may be glued to the card

Prepare for drop-off

If you've written more than one letter, do not put each of them in individual envelopes. Bundle them into a packet, because all letters will be screened for security reasons. If you're mailing them in bulk (from kids at school or in your community), bundle them into groups of 100.

Drop off and send off

Find a drop-off location if you're interested in starting a letter-writing drive at your school.

If there is no drop-off spot near you or don't want to drop your letters off, you can simply mail them to:

17853 Santiago Blvd., #107-355 
Villa Park, CA 92861

Tell us what you're doing. GO