Action Tips: Become an Activist


Human Rights Day is the world’s opportunity to “advocate for the full enjoyment of all human rights by everyone everywhere.” In other words, today perfect day for YOU to take action on something YOU care about. Bullying? Homelessness? The environment? Whatever it is, use this guide for small steps that lead to a big impact.

Decide what makes you mad

What pisses you off? When you see bullying at school? That gay people can’t get married? That some people don’t have clean drinking water? Answer that question, and you’ll have chosen your cause. If you need help, check out our 11 causes section.

Learn the issue

You have the passion. Now you need the facts. Check out some of our 11 facts pages for key info on your issue. Google it. Follow activists on Twitter. Call leaders in your community. Knowledge is power.

Team up

Talk to your friends. If you’re pissed off when people don’t recycle, chances are some of them are, too. You’ll gain support, great ideas, and a team of people looking to help. You can even start a club at your school.

Make a plan

Time to take action. Start with something small. Something you can do in your school or community, or even on your computer. Draft a petition. Make a newsletter and post it at school. Write an article for your school newspaper. Run a drive. Check out projects others have done. Join a DoSomething campaign.

Ask for help

DoSomething campaigns don’t require money, a car, or Old People. Your action plan doesn’t have to either. But it never hurts to ask other for help. Talk to your parents, teachers, and coaches. Contact community organizations or your religious institution.

Spread the word

Go public with everything you and your club are doing. Use the school paper. Contact your local paper or TV station. Go crazy on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are your best friends.

Stay in the know

Follow the local and national news. See what similar organizations are doing. Contact them. Organize with them. Emulate them. You’re all on the same team.

Celebrate small victories

Don’t expect to end hunger or cure cancer - at least not yet. Make workable steps and small goals. Pat yourself - and your team members - on the back every time you achieve one.

Don’t give up

Something will go wrong. Someone will tell you no. At times it will feel like you’re not making progress. But you are. Be patient - and persistent. Just keep going. You will and are making a difference.

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