How To: Guarantee Your Favorite Brands are Slavery-Free


According to the United Nations, an estimated 20 million people were held in bonded slavery as of 1999. Bonded slavery is the continual labor of an individual forced to work by mental or physical threat. They are forced to work long hours, often seven days a week, for meager wages, if any, attempting to pay back a debt that increases at exorbitant interest rates. In reality, there is no way to repay the debt and the laborer becomes essentially a slave for life. Many bonded slaves are children who are beaten and abused if they do not fulfill the extreme expectations of the owner.

Demand that your favorite brands guarantee that their products and/or services are slavery free!

  1. Go to Chain Store Reacion.
  2. Shop by label. Choose from the products online by clicking on each individual label.
  3. Proceed to checkout. Read the "Producer Pledge."
  4. Email the pledge to each product's Consumer Responsibility Agent. Ask them to investigate slavery in their product chains, and end any links.
  5. Return frequently. See if the Producer responded to your demand. If not, email them again.
  6. Share this with your friends. So that you can increase your impact.