Action Tips: Get Eco-Educated


Is your school behind the green times? Help get things moving! Brainstorm some ideas on how your school can save energy every day, and present your case to the principal. 

Here's a list to get you started:

  • Have a lights out day at your school.
  • Green your next school dance.
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFBs). Ask school administration to replace the old bulbs with these. Three CFBs will save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide and $60 per year!
  • Use recycled paper and save 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper.
  • Adjust the thermostat down two degrees in the winter and up two degrees in the summer. That can save up to 2000 lbs. of carbon dioxide and 98 bucks a year.

Now that you've got the eco-ball rolling, check out these ways to help fight global warming. GO