Action Tips: Going to the Beach? Make it an Eco-Friendly Trip


You can have fun in the sun in a way that won’t hurt our lovely Mama Earth.

  1. Crew it up. Fill your car to the brim with friends, or just take a bus to the nearest beach to save some energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and save yourself some money.
  2. Be a good guest. Remember, you’re a visitor so don’t disturb the wildlife and plants. That means using the walkovers instead of walking across sensitive sand dunes. Dunes protect land against storm waves and harbor specialized plants and animals.
  3. Don’t be trashy. Dispose of your garbage properly by using public trash containers at the beach. If the garbage cans are too far away, lug your trash home with you. If you want to go the extra mile, pick up the trash a less responsible beach-goer left behind. And, keep in mind that the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra is even more important at the beach. Make it easier by packing an old-school picnic basket complete with reusable cutlery and cups, and cloth napkins.
  4. Green your eats. Hit up your local farmers market or organic food store for some goodies to take with you. Then you don’t have to buy overpriced, over-packaged food at the beach. Beach food usually tastes suspiciously ocean-flavored anyway.

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