How To: Fill Out a "Vial of Life" for Everyone in Your Family!

vial of life

The Vial of Life or Vial of L.I.F.E. (Lifesaving Information For Emergencies) is a program that allows people to provide medical information in advance that can be used by emergency personnel in the case of an emergency. The materials required are available for free and can be downloaded and produced by the individual.

How does it work?

  1. Find an empty pill bottle or other container.
  2. Print the Vial of Life sticker and attach it to the bottle.
  3. Print and fill out a medical form for your family members. The form states his/her health status and whatever medication(s) he/she may be taking.
  4. Place the vial in the fridge. Why the fridge? Because, believe it or not, the contents of refrigerators are often the only things preserved in a fires.
  5. Follow steps one to four for each member of your family.
  6. Place another sticker in the front window of your home. Emergency officials now know to look for the vial.

For more information and to print a Vial of Life kit for free, visit the Vial of Life Project.