How To: Host a Healthy Bake Sale


Give kids the option to eat something good for them by holding a delicious and nutritious bake sale. Raise some money and teach your school about healthy alternatives!

  1. Convince your school administrators that having this bake sale is a great idea. Ask them where and when you can sell your goodies (lunchtime would be the best). Once you get their support, pick a date and get ready.
  2. Spread the word. Once you pick a date, let everyone in your school know about it. Put up flyers or make an announcement to spread the word.
  3. Get your ingredients Contact your local grocery stores and tell them about what you are doing. Ask if they will donate ingredients or give you a gift certificate to buy what you need. Remember, this is a healthy bake sale, so you aren’t just baking cookies. Buy fruit, nuts, and veggies with low-fat dip. Get whole-grain bread and peanut butter to make delicious PB&J sandwiches. There are tons of healthy snacks! See how many different foods you can have at your bake sale.
  4. Bake! If you want to make this a huge bake sale, you are going to need more than just your kitchen. Ask your friends to bake things for the sale too. Make sure you give them ingredients and recipes. Go to to find great healthy recipes and ideas.
  5. Set up a table with all your goodies. Presentation can do a lot. Don’t price your items too high or kids won’t want to buy them. Remember to get a few friends to help you sell. Hopefully, you’ll have too many customers for you to handle alone.
  6. Make your mark. It’s great that you’ve done something to provide healthier options for students now, but don’t you want to make a difference everyday? Talk to your principal about having more bake sales and using the profits to make some changes to the lunch menu at your school.