Action Tips: Help Someone Who is Being Abused

emotional abuse

Do you have a friend you’re worried about? Maybe you’ve noticed changes in his or her behavior or style. There are obvious signs of dating violence, and there's a lot you can do to help. Try to approach it in a sensitive way. Remember, people are not always ready to accept help. Here are some tips if you think someone you care about is being abused --

Speak Up

Don't be afraid to tell them you are concerned for their safety and want to help them.

Be Sensitive

Acknowledge and try to be understanding of their feelings about their relationship -- remember, many people are in love with their abusers.

At first, they may not take your advice on what to do -- be respectful of their decision and keep being there for them.


Sometimes the most helpful thing is to just listen and be supportive.

Be There For Them

Encourage them to do things with you, other friends, and family. Get them excited to do things outside of their relationship.

Connect Them to Resources

They may not even realize they are in an abusive relationship. Send them to a website like Break the Cycle or Do Something about Dating Abuse to get the facts.

Help them develop a plan to end their relationship safely. Break the Cycle can help with that too.

Stay With Them

If they break up with the abuser, keep being supportive once they are single. Healing takes time, but hanging out with friends is a great way to move forward after a bad break-up.

Need help NOW? Make the call.