Action Tips: Host an Art Show Food Drive

art show

Show your community your support for hunger and the arts at the same time. It’s a great way to educate while having fun.

The Basics

  • Will this be an Art Show where the admission price is food donations?
  • Or maybe an Auction where people donate food to bid.
  • What's the theme/theme? Will all of the art be about poverty and hunger or is it general?
  • Is this a one night event? Or will you leave the artwork on display for a period of time with a food collection bin for those that couldn't make the show?

Art Space

  • You could use the school gym, the library or even the wall space above the lockers.
  • If you're inviting the entire community, think about using your town library or local coffee shops/cafés. 


  • If you are having it in your school, get the support of your faculty and then go with them to the principal to get it all approved. Art teachers will probably be nice enough to help you get submissions.
  • Recruit friends to help you spread and the word and set things up the day of the show.

Ways to Raise

  • Charge a food donation as admission.
  • Have viewers buy art with food donations.
  • Run a refreshment stand.
  • Ask local businesses/grocery stores to donate food in exchange for including them as sponsors.


  • Advertise! Make flyers to post around town and create a Facebook event.
  • Find an artist to help (it shouldn't be hard, it is an art show). Visit your local community center or local art centers to recruit artists.

The Show

  • Have friends give out info sheets about the show and who the artists are when people arrive.
    • Include facts about hunger, why it’s important, and what people can do to get involved.
  • Other things to think about:
    • Is there enough space for sculptures or other free standing art?
    • Should you make posters leading guests to the show?
    • Do you want to have awards for audience favorite, most thought provoking, or other creative categories?

Take lots of pictures and tell us about how it went in our projects sectionGO