How To: Host a Hat Day Encouraging Sun Protection


When people think of sun protection they usually think sunscreen but did you know that wide-brimmed hats can also protect you from the sun? Spread the news by hosting a hat day at school. It’s a great way to spread the word about the importance of sun protection.

  1. Get permission. Talk to the powers that be and get the okay first.
  2. Spread the news. See if you can get a bulletin board where you can post signs and sun safety tips.
  3. Be creative. Have a competition where students create a sun safety Public Service Announcement (PSA). The winning PSAs can be presented to the entire school population at an assembly.
  4. Use your resources. Announce your plans during morning announcements over the p.a. system or during homeroom. Be sure to include the UV Index forecast and some sun safety tips.
  5. Be in the know. Get some helpful tips from on how to have an awareness campaign about sun safety.