How To: Clean Up a Public Space

young people cleaning

No one wants to sit next to cigarette butts during a picnic (ew) or trip over a plastic bottle while walking down the beach (ouch). So help put an end to the gross litter sitting around and have a public space clean up.

  1. Pick a time, date and location for the cleanup and get your team together. Post flyers around your neighborhood, send out a Facebook invite to your friends, and tell your family to join.
  2. You can’t have a cleanup without the equipment. Make sure to bring:
    • trash bags
    • rubber gloves (the reusable kind)
    • close-toe shoes
  3. Check to see if your city needs recycling to be in a certain colored bag. You can then label each bag into these categories:
    • Aluminum
    • Plastics
    • Paper
    • Trash
  4. Now that you are prepared, go out and start cleaning! Go to a local park, beach, or any public space with your cleanup team.
  5. A lack of garbage cans and recycling bins can be a main reason why there is so much litter on the ground. If the area you are cleaning sucks when it comes to separating garbage, call a local government leader to see what can be done.