How To: Create 1 in 3 Dating Abuse Bracelets

dating abuse

Due to unbelievable demand for over 100,000 1in3 awareness bracelets, can't fulfill any more requests for bracelets. But don't let the lack of a bracelet stop you from taking action. See below for how you can create your own bracelets that represent that 1 in 3 teens will be involved in teen dating abuse.

  1. Scavenger hunt. Find colored rubber bands, hair bands, or anything like a round band. Make sure to check around your house, at the supermarket, at the drug store.
  2. Test them. See how the band feels on your wrist. You'll be wearing them a lot so this does matter
  3. Colors matter. Once you have found the right feel, track down 2 black bands and one blue band.
  4. Wear them! The point is to wear the statistic 1 in 3 to spread awareness. All you need are three bands with those colors to wear.
  5. Create more! Once you have found a winning combination figure out how to make more so you can share them with friends and create some serious awareness.

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