How To: Have a Green Picnic


Normal picnics are overrated. Who wants to spend the day trashing Mama Earth using anti-green products? (Not us, obv.) If you want to have a day outside, try this.

  1. Bring baggage (literally). Pack your food in tote bags or go vintage with an old-fashioned picnic basket. 
  2. Serve locally grown foods. Food grown close to you = the fewer carbon emissions when shipped and fresher taste. 
  3. Keep your mouth stain free with cloth napkins or paper napkins made of 100% recyclable paper. Don't forget biodegradable dishes and utensils. 
  4. Break a sweat by choosing a location you can walk, hike or bike to. Soccer and Frisbee are great ways to stay active and to show off your athletic side. 
  5. No one wants to relax in your garbage (ew). Bring a compostable garbage bag to put your trash in. 

A few last tips

  • Pack sunscreen and bug repellent with all natural ingredients.
  • Buy a collapsible water bag that you can fill up at home.
  • Bring reusable tins and canisters or wrap the food in aluminum foil that you can recycle.
  • Bring back empty cans and bottles for recycling.
  • Avoid Styrofoam whenever possible. It is bad for wildlife and is not biodegradable.