How To: Make Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles

Most candles are made using petroleum (like those fruity smelling ones you buy mom for her birthday). Candles made of beeswax are much more environmentally friendly. They're fun to make yourself, easy to use, and have a naturally pleasant scent.

  1. Gather supplies. Beeswax sheets are available at craft shops or sometimes the hardware store. Also consider looking online. The sheets are soft and flexible and look like honeycomb. You'll also need candle wicks, which should be easy to find wherever you get your beeswax from.
  2. Roll 'em up. Cut a length of wick, lay it against the edge of a beeswax sheet, and roll it up tightly like you would a poster or rug. The height of the sheet determines the height of the candle. The width of the sheet determines the thickness of the candle. Don't forget to leave enough of the wick sticking out so that you can light your candle.
    • To make tapered candles, cut a right triangle and roll inward from the highest part of the triangle.
    • To make candles that aren't round, do a little sculpting before you roll your candle all the way. Pinch the wax into a triangle or square and then continue wrapping in the shape you're aiming for.
  3. Decorate. If you have different colored sheets of beeswax, cut shapes out of one color and just press them into a candle of another color. You can roll your candles in glitter, if you have any lying around. Trying sprinkling glitter into the candle as you roll, it will look cool when it melts. Be creative, but make sure whatever you use is not flammable, please.
  4. Pass them on and protest oil. For every beeswax candle you make and give out, someone else has to buy one less petroleum based candle. Just make sure you pass along helpful info as well as your candle. Maybe attach facts about petroleum and the environment with some reused ribbon and paper.
  5. Throw in eco-friendly accessories. Any glass jar (baby food jars work particularly well) can be de-papered, and dressed up as a candle holder.