Action Tips: Organize a Benefit Concert for Your Cause

Guitar at Concert

Hosting a benefit concert is a great way to raise money for your cause while having fun and rocking out to a super cool band.

Build your team

Planning an event is stressful, so don’t do it alone. Make a Facebook status announcing your plan to host a concert and ask if anyone is interested to help.

Come up with a theme

Your show needs to stand apart from others so come up with an awesome theme. If you’re raising money to fight AIDS, make a red-only theme. Check out our fundraising ideas to get you started.

Find a band

Find a band willing to perform for a small fee or for free. You can ask a friend in a band, visit a local show and ask the bands playing, or ask your school or church choir. If you can’t find a band, put ads in your local paper and on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to include spoken word, dance acts, monologues, etc. Just be sure to audition people to make sure they’re on their game.

Find a place

Talk to your principle and see if you can use the auditorium. Is there an outdoor space in your neighborhood that would serve as a cool spot? Contact your local city hall and see what you have to do to get a permit (you’ll probably need one).

Spread the word

Send press releases to the local newspapers, websites, radio stations and television stations. You can also put an ad in your local paper, hand out fliers, or send out a Facebook invite. Make sure to give facts about the cause you are raising money for so people will be inspired to attend.

Create a program

If you’re having multiple performances, create a program. This will also give you an opportunity to tell people some facts on the cause, why it’s important to you, and where funds raised will go.


Find a company to donate something to give people at the door, like a T-Shirt, a food or drink item, etc.

Make your friends be ushers

Ask your friends if they could take tickets and lead people to their seats. If they seem a little hesitant, remind them that they need community service hours to graduate.

Other Tips:

  • Be courteous at all times. People won't give money to people who are rude to them.
  • If this is an outdoor concert, rent a tent or have one donated. It also might be a good idea to set a rain-date.
  • You may want to hold a raffle or auction in conjunction with the concert. Get the prize donated.
  • Know your audience. Do research on your local area so you know what kind of events people attend and more importantly, avoid.
  • Make sure you clearly state what it is you want from donors, but be open to what they have to offer.

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