How To: Organize a Show with Your Cause as the Theme


Want to spread the word about your cause? Show off your singing and dancing skills by putting a show together. Have people sing, play instruments, and recite poetry about a cause you care about.

  1. Before you do anything, go to a few shows in your area. This will give you some tips on what to do and what not to do for your own event.
  2. Choosing a place for the event is important. See if you can use your school’s auditorium or check out local places like the community center, town hall, or a nearby café.
  3. Get a bunch of friends or family together to help you with the event. Write out a long-term plan of action and designate a certain task to each person in your group. Some people can make posters while others can recruit performers. 
  4. Post flyers for it everywhere. Make the posters big, bright and colorful. Write some rules on the posters like “Your poem or song must be a comment on smoking” (if smoking is your cause).
  5. Bake some goodies to sell during the event. Donate the profits to a charity or an organization that benefits the cause you support.
  6. You may want to create a program with info on the performers. This is also a great place to insert some facts about your cause and give your audience ideas on how they can take action after your event.
  7. Make a schedule of performances and allow some extra time between performers. Never let the microphone stand alone. Find someone who can emcee and keep the audience engaged between acts.

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