Action Tips: How to Quit Smoking

Cigarette butt

Want to kick that bad habit that makes your hands, clothes and hair stink, and probably has your lungs as black as coal? Putting some thought into it can help you quit for good!

  1. Set a date. Pick an “I quit” day that is stress free but you have stuff to do to keep your mind off the cancer stick.
  2. Write down your reasons . Jot down why you’re quitting and keep the list with you so you can look at them when you get a craving.
  3. Quit for love. Carry a picture of someone special with the message: “I’m quitting for myself and for you.” When you have an urge, look at the pic to remind you.
  4. Expert advice. Talk to your doctor about quitting. Guidance from a physician will improve your chances of quitting for good.
  5. Get help. Find yourself a quitting partner and set a quit date together so you can support one another.
  6. Recruit your team. Tell your friends about your plans. Ask them to be supportive and non-judgmental, and warn them that you may be irritable.
  7. Work it out. Start an exercise and healthy eating plan. Exercise and the right food will help you relax and relieve anxiety.
  8. Identify your triggers. What makes you want to lights up? Stress? Coffee? Try to avoid them and/or decide how you’ll deal with them.
  9. Plan for the urge. Figure out a plan for dealing with cravings. Try deep breathing, a short walk and keeping your hands and mouth busy.
  10. Give yourself props. Celebrate the milestones in your journey. After a month of smoke-free living, see a movie. After six months, treat yourself to a nice dinner. After a year, throw an “I quit!” party. You get the idea.
  11. Believe you can. Be positive and confident that you can quit and remain a non-smoker!

Sources: American Cancer Society