Action Tips: Run a School Supply Drive

School supplies

Bring Your Friends!

The supply drive should involve tons of people, some good music, and maybe even some cookies. Get your friends there and make your drive bump.

Spread the Word

Make awesome posters with all of the details and hang them in local stores, at sports fields and in your school. If you're not super artistic, ask someone in your school who is to help out. To market your supply drive virally, trend it on Twitter (like #BHSsupplydrive) and make an open Facebook event!

Grab Their Attention

Decorate the supply collection boxes in a way that will grab the attention of everyone who sees them. You could also make a logo for you drive to put on all the boxes, posters and even T-shirts.

Make It Easy

People are more likely to help if it's simple, so go where the people are. Ask the captains of all the sports teams to announce that you'll be collecting supplies at their games. Families will be there to watch—and donate!

Collect New Stuff

We all know that having proper supplies for back to school is important, so make sure to discard anything used or damaged.

Finish Strong

Officially end the drive by letting everyone know how many supplies were collected and give a special thanks to everyone who helped. Tell Do Something about it and you could be featured on the homepage!

Dropping Them Off

Join the <>Staples for Students campaign, where you can donate the supplies you've collected to any Staples store nationwide.< />