How To: Show Ill Kids They're Heroes

kid hero

When kids are ill at home or in the hospital, they have to stay in bed for long periods of time. You can boost their spirits by creating a SoaringSuperhero® message. Your superhero message and artwork will be posted on the Soaringwords website and shared with millions of ill kids. They organization will then share the artwork with hospitalized children to brighten up their hospital rooms.

  1. Brainstorm. You can do this alone or lead the exercise with a younger group of kids, a ton of friends, some classmates, or teammates. Explain to them that the idea of the activity is to use a superhero to send a positive and caring message to help young people with an illness feel comforted and supported. The characters you create can be silly and make an ill child smile and laugh. They can create a role model who is brave and strong, who can make an ill child feel less scared. They can create a superhero who is really kind, which can make an ill child feel comforted. It's entirely up to them and their imaginations.
  2. Make a Superhero. Have everyone invent their own superhero to share with the kids. They can use a popular superhero, make something up from scratch, or be inspired by someone who exists in real life. How about a giant turtle with the strength and wisdom of your grandpa, or a beloved president? Have people talk and share ideas, imagining how they might like the superhero if they were ill.
  3. Get creative. Draw your superhero on a sheet of paper that can be delivered like a card. Soaringwords has a template you can use. Make sure the hero is big, bold, and colorful. Name him or her. Write a few sentences about their superpowers. Include a message for the recipient of your superhero, but avoid ones like "Get well soon" or "Feel better" since hospitals don't like to tell their patients what to do. Try something more like "You're braver than Superman" or something else quick, positive, and encouraging.
  4. Share. Share your superheroes with Soaringwords so that your images reach hospitalized kids around the world. Also, try to keep your original hardcopy so you can give it to an ill child in person. Work with a local hospital, summer camp or Soaringwords to distribute your cards yourself.
  5. Inspire. Maybe you can run an activity somewhere that helps kids with illnesses. Have kids invent and draw their own superhero. Have them think about positive qualities of strength, power, and patience. Maybe they can find qualities in themselves or each other to put into the superheroes.

Be sure to visit SoaringSuperHeroes online. There are examples of superhero cards, the Soaringwords' address, and other tips and suggestions for your super hero activity.