How To: Bring Sex Education To Your School


No one wants to be 16 and pregnant, or to live with a gross STD forever. Having a sex education course taught at your high school can help you and your classmates make smart decisions when it comes to sex. 

  1. Unite. One voice is awesome, but many voices are even better. Talk to your friends and classmates about this issue and form a committee to get Sex Ed into your school. 
  2. Get Educated. You want to have a strong argument when you present this idea to your school board. Search for statistics comparing teenagers who were taught a sex education course compared to those who weren’t. You should also be informed about facts on teen pregnancy and STDs.
  3. The Right Fit. The two most common ways to teach sex education are comprehensive sexuality education, which covers safe sex, STDs, contraceptives, pregnancy and more, or abstinence-only-until-marriage, which covers STDs and emphasizes abstinence from all sexual behaviors. Put into perspective the type of school you attend (catholic, public, etc.) and the state you’re in to see which course makes a better match.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect. With your group, come up with a speech using all of the statistics on the rate of teen pregnancy, STD in teens, and how sexual education prevented these accidents from happening.
  5. Go For It. Find out when your next school board meeting is and make sure you are able to give a presentation. Let your voice be heard!
  6. Never Give Up. Sometimes, the cards aren’t in your favor. If your school board rejects the idea don’t give up. You can start a sexual education club, post statistics on teen pregnancy and STDs around your school and more. Remember, you can make a difference. 

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- Teresa Roca is a NYC writer who is obsessed with celebrities, sports and movies. Her favorite cause is bullying and violence.