How To: Create an Online Page that Combats Bullying

Group of friends

You've heard of students trashing somebody online—creating Facebook groups or Tumblr pages that bully someone. Be the first to create a gossip site for good. If you wanna combat online bullying, here's what you need to do to create a positive online page or blog about people in your school.

  1. Create the page on the site of your choice. Make sure to think of a catchy name (alliteration like "Good Gossip" or "Non-Nasty News" usually works well).
  2. Start compiling stories. Contact people in your school, asking if you can get the scoop on good things that they did. You want people's permission to talk about them online, plus you'll want some direct quotes.
  3. Promote your page. Make sure you're posting links to your content in your statuses, on friends' Facebook walls, etc.
  4. Ask other students for their reaction. Are people happy with your positive-gossip site? Always be open to taking criticism that will improve the good atmosphere you've set up.