How To: Create a Welcome Home Banner


Your family member or friend is coming back from being deployed (woot woot!), celebrate by giving your loved one a great big welcome at the airport.

  1. Find out when and where the loved one is coming. (You don’t want to surprise the wrong person.)
  2. Decide on what you want the banner to say. “Welcome Back, _____” is classic, but be creative. These are a few suggestions:
    • “How Was Your Vacation?”
    • “We Are SO Proud Of You!”
    • “We Missed You, (insert embarrassing nickname)”
  3. Buy a roll of paper from a local supply store. If that just won’t cut it, purchase a packet of construction paper.
  4. When using a roll, you can either write the saying in marker or with a stencil. If you’re using construction paper, write a letter on each piece of paper and either staple, tape, string or glue the pieces together to make one great big banner.
  5. Now is the time to put your own flair on it. Draw or attach pictures to the poster. You may even want to get other family members and friends to sign it. Don’t forget to add some glitter to really make it pop.
  6. Roll the poster up and put it in a safe place until the special day comes. (Preferably away from Fluffy or Mr. Whiskers.)

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