How To: Decorate Recycling Bins to Make Them Stand Out


Sometimes people won't recycle because they simply don't see the bin or they don't know what goes in it. Encourage proper recycling by painting bins to make the process easier.

  1. Get permission. Obviously, the school administration, community center director, or your parents will need to be okay with.
  2. Research. Go on the website of your local recycling center and find out what materials are accepted and how they should be sorted.
  3. Plan your design. Sketch out the images you'll be painting on the side of the bins. Make sure the pictures clearly represent things like cans, bottles, etc.
  4. Start painting.
    • Paint the entire bin in a bright color to draw attention.
    • Once dry, paint on pictures of things that go inside in a darker color (i.e. glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc.).
    • Clearly write what materials go in the bin underneath their pictures.