How To: Film a Lip-Dub with Senior Citizens


Adding to your list of non-lame things to do at a nursing home, try filming a video lip-dub. They get seniors out of their daily oatmeal-sleep-more-oatmeal-more-sleep routine. Plus, they friggin hilarious.

  1. Sign people up. Ask people at the nursing home or community center if they'd like to be in your video. (You may have to explain what a lip-dub is.)
  2. Choose the song. The more out of character it is for old people, the funnier it is. Try a song you would currently hear on the radio.
    • You can also choose a song that they know extremely well from the old days.
  3. Teaching time. Print out the lyrics (in extra large font) for your video stars. Then, play the song multiple times so that they can practice and learn the words.
  4. Rehearse direction. Before the cameras roll, practice what everyone will be doing. Will you have one star lip-syncher traveling through the nursing home? Or will it be a choreographed dance among all of the grannies and gramps?
  5. Start filming. You'll have to do a lot of takes, but make sure you get more than one solid clip of each part of the song.
  6. Edit your masterpiece. Without the seniors' help (you want to leave some surprise), edit the footage into one music video.
  7. Post it online. Make sure to give credit to the old people who helped you. Send it to their families if you know them.
  8. Host a screening. Show your volunteers the final product. You could even theme it as a "movie premiere" where the old people dress up for it.

See a helpful (and funny) example below.